How It work for you

Add your employees data and Pay-R will help manage their contracts, Track attendance, manage allowances and deductions, manage promotions, track productivity, Accept or reject leave requests from your employees and many more

Easy to use Interface

Pay-R was made with the user in mind. The menus are easily navigable so each functionality is easily accessible.

Lightning Fast

Pay-R handles your data quickly even with a large database of employees you get a fluid performance.

Highly Customizable

Pay-R is flexible with what the client needs, tell us your requirements and we'll make Pay-R work for you just the way you want it.

Running Payroll
is a Breeze

Simply create a Payroll for a pay period and everything else will be done for you
  • Calculates Salaries, Pension and Taxes
  • Issues downloadable payslips for each employee
  • Salaries based on activities performed
  • Manages allowances and deductions
  • Export payroll data to excel for reporting
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Your employees' data
is at the right place

Pay-R Manages your employee data so that you can have a hassle free experience. The software allows you to
  • Add Employee data
  • Import Employees Data from Excel
  • Manage Employee Contracts and Validation
  • Search through employee data
  • Manage Departments and their hierarchies
  • Manage Employee Attendance Information
  • Manage Employee Leaves
  • Send Email Notifications to Employees
  • Promote and Demote Employees
  • Track Production Activities
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Employee performance

Pay-R allows you to manage and evaluate your employees performance:
  • Line managers can set objectives for each of their direct reports
  • Conduct performance appraisal using objectives set for each employees
  • Employees can rate themselves as well as supervisors
  • Create Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) and many more
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Pay-R will also
help you to recruit

With Pay-R you can receive job applications from your candidates
  • Create Job Post (Post jobs automatically to for more exposure)
  • Create Screening Questions
  • Receive applications from candidates
  • Candidates Selection and Shortlisting tools
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Every Information Counts

Access your employees information with ease, make change, promote, give allowances and more.